Worthley Botany Class Schedule – 2014

March 1 at TwoBelow - "Orchids"

Just a note to say that our next class will be held on Saturday, March 1, 10:00 am at Jean’s.  

We’ll be looking at orchids this time, with an overview of the orchid family in general, and an emphasis on orchids native to the mid-Atlantic.

This is a very broad topic and one we haven’t touched for a while. I hope that each person who attends can research just a little and share at least one bit “orchid trivia” with the class.

January 11 at TwoBelow - "Winter Botany" Bring at least one or two twigs with buds, or leaves, or galls, or insect damaged bark - WHATEVER - to have the class ID and discuss.

NOTE: January class is on the SECOND Saturday rather than the first.

Worthley Botany Class Schedule – 2012

January 7 - "Plant Clues You Can Seek In Winter" Joe Warfield will lead the class, and he will concentrate on Woody Plants in the winter landscape.

February 4 " Winter Weeds and Wildflowers" I will lead the class and concentrate on Herbaceous remnants, pods, bits and pieces we puzzle over, admire in the winter meadow.

March 10 - Jean will talk about Worthley Botany Class History for the first part of the class. Then Mac will be teaching us about Conifers and the Vernal Facies of Anthesis for the rest of the class on March 10.


TwoBelow = Worthley Residence, 939 Wesley Rd., Finksburg, MD. If youhave an idea or suggestion for a class or field trip, or needdirections, please call Jean at 410-374-5370. ORNC = Oregon RidgeNature Center, Cockeysville MD.

TheWBC schedule is also available on the web at:http://botsoc.org/wbc/wbc.html


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